Strategy and Business Planning

Planning and Communicating Strategy

To be successful, every organisation needs a plan that can be easily understood and can be executed by all those involved. The best plans are the simplest, and that simplicity comes from spending time thinking through the plan, making good decisions and also communicating well. Navigo has significant expertise and experience in helping organisation to do all of these. The plan needs to be the DNA of the organisation and like DNA it will be replicated, copied and sometimes adapted or changed over time.

As our testimonials reveal, the best approach is collaborative, enabling the expertise within the business to do a thorough analysis of its own position and its environment and to understand how it has, and could in the future, create value and achieve its objectives.

The resulting plan should not only deal with the setting of specific goals but it should also clarify the purpose of the organisation to all those involved – who it serves and how it serves them; where it plans to be over the short, medium and longer term; what values are important to it in the way that the organisation works and, ultimately, what will make it different and better.

With all that clear, the plan usually deals with important issues around processes, technology, people and the measurement and monitoring as we move towards achievement.

Creating the Business and Financial Model

Strategy and successfully navigating substantial change is about moving organisations safely from Point A to Point B. To choose the right destination and to help get us there, it is important that Point B is defined as clearly as is practicable. These models will help you think through what resources you need for the journey, including the right quantum of financing for investment and its timing.

If you have a financing partner it is likely that they will want to see, fully understand and flex the models under alternative scenarios. Models also help you to think through and answer important questions from the point of view of sections of the business or individuals. Navigo will help you to build these models so that you can understand, seek to describe and communicate your future destination.

Reviewing Strategies, Business Plans and Business Cases

In military terms, no plan survives intact following contact with the enemy. In business terms this means that periodically, strategy and plans need to be reassessed and updated in light of the factors such as the prevailing economic environment, the passage of time, the actions of competitors or the preferences of consumers. Often plans need to be reviewed and tailored so as to enlist the support of a funding partner for the journey.

Facilitating Boards and Executive Management Groups

Better results are achieved when organisations engage important stakeholder in the right way, and at the right time, during planning or change processes.

In most cases the benefit is even greater by using experienced third party facilitators whose goal is to draw the best out of the participants. Significant efficiencies result from planning and structuring the interactions, particularly when the participants are expensive and time constrained resources.

Where conflicts arise, a facilitator can introduce an approach and language that makes it a productive encounter. At Navigo we have experienced facilitators and we utilise the best tools available, including facilitation techniques and technology tools, to make these interactions the most productive that they can be. Our testimonials reflect the strength and quality of our work in some of the best companies in Ireland.

Advising on Strategy and Business Planning Issues

Every organisation’s journey is its own special road to travel. If there are other needs in relation to strategy and business planning, including ad hoc issues that arise, please contact us.

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