Navigo’s forthcoming speaking engagements and seminars re governance for CPA Ireland


At Navigo in addition to our ongoing client engagements we are currently also active with speaking engagements about topical and interesting areas relevant to Business Planning, Change and Governance.


This October we are delivering a range of seminars to the membership of CPA Ireland on topical areas of governance.  This follows on from our well received material on ‘Redefining Professionalism for Accountants’ which featured at CPAs’ recent practice conferences in Dublin and Cork.  


The governance seminars are as follows: –


Recent Trends in Governance (October 3rd) – which will highlight movements at the frontiers of governance, for example the idea of Boards conducting an ‘audit of culture’.  We will look at the continued codification of governance into both principles and rules and how recent events have put a focus back on the Board’s responsibilities for areas like remuneration, risk management and also the culture of the organisation. To root this in a firmly Irish context, we will look at how the 2016 Code of Governance of State Bodies and regulators like the Central Bank are applying governance ideas to business in Ireland today.


Director Duties (October 10th) – is a practical, and not excessively legal, look at this topic in light of the changes in the Companies Act 2014.  It will look afresh as the many types of Directors there can be in companies; to what duties they owe and to whom; and examine closely how these duties and transactions between Directors and companies can put personal fortunes and reputations at serious risk. Even for the experienced, this will be a useful update. 


Governance in a family business context (October 17th) – looks at the unique challenges of governance of family businesses.  Based on many years of experience, the session will cover how to take a purely family business into an era of governance while also typically dealing with succession of ownership/control.  Key to this is how to blend the best of family businesses with the involvement of Non-Executive Directors and any outside/’professional’ management team.  If you have ever wondered how an effective ‘team’, let alone a ‘Board’ can be made to flourish in a family business environment, then this is for you. 


Whistleblowing (October 24th) – The time to learn about what is happening in this area is not the day that a protected disclosure is made to you, it is well in advance.  This session is based on a number of practical scenarios and is used to highlight an area which is increasingly extending its practical reach out from public sector organisations and into the private sector and the community, voluntary and charitable sector.  We will cover the practical learning relating to the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 and what businesses can do to be ready, with policies and people, to deal with whistleblowing.  In particular we will focus on the typical role of the Audit & Risk Committee in this area. 


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