Navigo is delighted to announce that it is partnering with the Wheel to support improving governance of charities in Ireland. 

Navigo’s Managing Director, Brendan will deliver a half day workshop at ‘Financial Governance for Charities – An Essential 1-Day Seminar’: Dublin – 8 November 2017. This will be a highly interactive workshop which translates the sometimes scary topic of “Financial Governance” into practical, accessible language and tools for those who have (or who share) responsibility for this important area.

Threaded through with real world examples of the best and the worst, we will look at 10 vital areas. In each of these areas you will be invited to grapple with how to resolve a typical ethical dilemma faced by the sector.    

1.       What positive ‘financial governance’ means in a nutshell; 

2.       How to respect legal structures and observe your Directors Duties;

3.       The pitfalls of building and maintaining a proper system of internal control;

4.       Creating good management and Board information;

5.       How to get the best out of your auditors and your Audit Committee (if you have one);

6.       A simple and effective tool for risk management;

7.       Positively embracing whistleblowing;

8.       The right balance in relation to financial transparency, disclosure and accountability;

9.       Requirement of State funders;

10.   The issues and challenges that are looming on the financial governance horizon.  


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