Succeed In What's Important To You

Navigo Consulting helps people and organisations succeed
in important business objectives

Strategy And Business Planning

  • Planning and communicating strategy
  • Creating business and financial models
  • Reviewing strategies, business plans and business cases
  • Facilitating Boards and executive management groups
  • Advising on ad hoc strategy and business planning issues

Supporting And Improving Governance

  • Assessing Board effectiveness
  • Improving governance processes
  • Designing governance frameworks
  • Training and induction for Directors
  • Supporting effective Board committees
  • Improving risk management
  • Advising on ad hoc governance issues

Navigating Significant Change

  • Managing programmes and projects
  • Originating, structuring and supporting mergers and acquisitions
  • Changing organisational structures
  • Planning financing structures and refinancing
  • Improving business performance
  • Advising on ad hoc Change issues

Who We Are

Brendan Lenihan

Brendan Lenihan

Managing Director

Why Navigo Consulting?

Our experience is not just as advisers, we’ve held executive leadership roles in substantial businesses at home and abroad.
Access our network of people and knowledge, built up from experience and our leadership among business professionals.
“Hands on” service means increased efficiency, speed and a more discreet approach to achieving your goals.
Cost effective rates because more of our time, effort and resources are spent in the personalised service of our clients.
How we consult is refreshingly practical and straightforward.


We are thankful to a number of organisations who have been consulting clients of our founder, who have provided the sample testimonials below of the way that we consult, the value we have added and the benefits that they have achieved. These cover a sample of work with private businesses of different structures, public bodies, education institutions and charities. In addition, members of our Governance Panel can reference additional credentials.

Mr. Mark FitzGerald
Chairman & Chief Executive
Sherry FitzGerald Group
Mr. Martin Kelleher
Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland
Owners of SuperValu and Centra brands
Mr. Raymond Reihill
Deputy Chairman, Tedcastles
Mr. Kieran McGowan
Non Executive Director
Professor Ciaran Murphy
Former Chairperson of the Board of HETAC
Mr. Peter Ward, SC
Chair, Free Legal Aid Centres (FLAC)

How We Consult

Integrity and Fair Dealing
Think Straight, Talk Straight
Public and Social Impact

Played an important part in helping us acquire the well-established firm of Marsh & Parsons and model our future growth…

Mr. Mark FitzGerald, Chairman & Chief Executive, Sherry FitzGerald Group

The valuable work we did together made an important contribution to our growth as a business…

Mr. Martin Kelleher, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland, Owners of SuperValu and Centra brands

It was time extremely well spent and has stood us well as the Group navigated the challenges that lay ahead…

Mr. Raymond Reihill, Deputy Chairman, Tedcastles

His consulting work with all of the stakeholders, the Board and the Joint Venture served us very well and certainly stood the test of time…

Mr. Kieran McGowan, Non Executive Director

He greatly assisted that public body in formulating its strategy and improving the clarity of its goals…

Professor Ciaran Murphy, Former Chairperson of the Board of HETAC

A great assistance us at a key point in our development where we had important strategic decisions to make on our future direction and areas of focus…

Mr. Peter Ward, SC, Chair, Free Legal Aid Centres (FLAC)